Spiritual Healings


Reiki Session - $150

Aura Clearing - $175-$225

Love Reconnecting - $200+

Chakra Balancing - $200-$500

Custom Meditation Services - $300+


Reiki Treatment

Sometimes we all feel disconnected & uncentered. Finding it hard to balance in different areas of life, focus on work and sometimes even unable to give yourself completely to loved ones due to an imbalance in energy. There are times in our lives, where we all become confused & boggled with our path's. Feeling unable to make the right decisions - unable to move forward. With a spiritual healing, we figure out exactly what is happening  emotionally, mentally & spiritually - to better help us understand our challenges & move forward. We all need some re-tuning at some point in our life. Through Arielle's spiritual work, she will focus on each of the chakra's one by one & figure out exactly what is happening on an emotional and spiritual level - going beyond the physical way of healing & focusing to heal internally within the core. Helping you to reach complete clearance & happiness. Focusing on all matters of life & unblocking whatever may be putting barriers in the way. Arielle will be there every step of the way, explaining the best way that she can - so that you also can learn how to re-balance yourself.